Still looking good! – September 20th 2002

Still looking good!

Springer (A73) has spent almost all of the time since our last update in the Johnstone Strait “core area” so we have had many opportunities to observe her. She’s looking great & has been solidly among a large group of orcas from the A clan that has been together for weeks and which has often been travelling with several matrilines from G clan… there have been many comings and goings. The immediate group Springer has been with has most often included the A30s, A12s, A11s and A5s, with Springer associating most closely with two of the A11s (A11 herself and A56) until they were joined by A11’s adult son A13 who had been elsewhere for nearly three weeks. Shortly after, Springer moved closer to A51 and A61, the pair of A5 pod siblings she had been “adopted” by in the early days following her release. It was obvious (acoustically) that A51 & A61 became very excited when Springer joined them! In recent days Springer has often been closest to A51&61 but the A11s have never been far away. Springer left the “core area” this morning with the A11s, A5s and A12s – so she’s headed “out” to the west. We await her return.

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