Adopt with Born free

Photo: Patrick Donnelley


Springer’s story is a remarkable one. Found as an orphan far away from home, she was recognized by her unique calls and, after a long journey, was eventually returned home and rejoined her close relatives. She now has two babies of her own and is pregnant with a third!

The Born Free Foundation played an integral role in returning Springer to her home waters, and to her family. They generously provide almost all of the funds raised from her adoption to OrcaLab. Springer adoptions make great presents for anyone who cares about orcas whales and oceans too!

Adopt with WDC

Photo: Megan Hockin-Bennett

Bend, Holly, Fife & Simoom

You can adopt Bend (A50s), Holly (A42s), Fife (A23s), and Simoom (A34s) with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC): a British charity dedicated to assisting and improving the lives of whales and dolphins around the world. They have long been one of OrcaLab’s greatest supporters. We provide WDC with regular updates about the adoption orcas. In turn, WDC provides orca adopters with an adoption pack that includes a lovely photograph along with a quarterly magazine, Whale and Dolphin. Adopters under age 14 also receive a special magazine called SPLASH. Orca adoptions also make a wonderful gift!

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