Springer continues to thrive! – September 4th 2002

Springer (A73) continues to thrive in the company of some of her closest family members along with many other orcas. It is now just over six weeks since Springer was released back into her home waters. In that time we think Springer has probably encountered every matriline in the northern resident orca community. Whether Springer has been in close contact with everyone in her community is impossible to know, but it is very clear that Springer is where she belongs – home. This has been a very busy summer for the northern residents, with innumerable comings and goings from their “core habitat”, along with a great variety of social combinations. Intensely involved in all this activity, Springer has experienced the sounds and been in the company of every family from every clan. Since August 17th when some of the A4s came back “in”, Springer has been swimming consistently with A11 (Yakat) and A56 (Nahwitti). Yakat is thought to be the sister of Springer’s grandmother, so that makes her Springer’s great aunt. Altogether, we continue to be delighted by what we are seeing of Springer & the clear signs she is giving of having found a comfortable place among her kin. Next year we will know for sure, but meanwhile we are smiling for Springer.

Paul Spong

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