Springer returns! – July 9th 2003

Today we received the news that we (and many others around the world) have been waiting and hoping for… Springer (A73) has survived the winter, she is still with her family, and she looks great! Springer was first sighted by the Naiad Explorer around 11am this morning to the west of Numas Island in Queen Charlotte Strait. She was amidst a large group of about 30 orcas that included the Bs and A11s. The A11s are very close family for Springer. Her great aunt Yakat (A11) was very much involved in the early days following Springer’s return to her home waters last July. Springer was swimming close to Yakat’s matriline when she was last seen in early October 2002. At that time she was headed north with a large group of orca families. What happened since is unknown, though it seems likely that Springer has remained with the A11s over the winter months. What we do know is that Springer has truly succeeded in making it back home and rejoining the company of her own society. We can’t resist thinking that she is happy to be there, and on this special day we are happy too!

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