Dolphin defender murdered – September 21st 2003

Jane Tipson was a stalwart campaigner for the right of animals to live free from abuse by humans. Originally from Cornwall, Jane has lived in the Caribbean island of St Lucia for the past 20 years. She owned and ran a popular restaurant there called Snooty Agouti. Jane used the income from her business to support her animal protection work. She was a co-founder of the Eastern Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness (ECCA) and founder of the St. Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS), an organisation which vigorously pursued animal rights issues in St Lucia and the Caribbean. In recent months, Jane has been campaigning to prevent captive dolphin “swim with” businesses from opening in St. Lucia and neighbouring Antigua. These shady operations enslave dolphins and exist solely because tourists do not understand the suffering involved in bringing them pleasure. Jane understood perfectly and was fiercely determined that her efforts on behalf of dolphins would succeed. Her activities may well have provoked brutal retaliation because according to St. Lucia police her murder was a “targeted killing”. Jane was slain by a single gunshot as she drove along the private road that was the entrance to her home in the early hours of September 16th. Her murder is under investigation and may never be solved, but one thing is clear – the animals of our world have lost one of their greatest defenders. As we mourn Jane’s loss we state our determination to see that her efforts have not been in vain. May her journey onward be a gentle one.

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