‘Eclipse’ Returns to Hanson

Written by Leah Robinson.  Video taken by OL assistant, Kristen Kanes.

On July 29th ‘Eclipse’ the Barred owl returned to Hanson/Yukasam Island to be released after ‘his’ successful rehabilitation at the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society, (MARS).  ‘His’ return echoed the same heart felt sentiment of community cooperation and care for a resident of the North Island, regardless of species.

Marie and Casey had been visiting family down island and checked in with MARS to see if Eclipse was good to go.  MARS had managed to teach ‘him’ to live feed and ‘he’ was doing well.  Eclipse was going to be sorely missed by the staff at MARS.  The following day Straitwatch dropped the three of them off at OrcaLab in the morning. Eclipse was eager to get out of the crate.  We all, (OrcaLab assistants included), headed back to the big cedar tree where Eclipse had originally been found. Marie opened the crate and Eclipse flew straight out without hesitation. The video and photos say the rest.

It was a joyous and memorable moment on Yukasam/Hanson Island.  Thanks everyone involved in making this release possible!

Eclipse release from OrcaLab on Vimeo.

Photo credit; Momoko Kobayashi

Baby Eclipse
Baby Eclipse. Photo credit; Leah Robinson
Eclipse's first perch. Photo credit; Paul Setzermann
Eclipse's first perch. Photo credit; Paul Setzermann

Eclipse on a higher perch. Photo credit; Paul Setzermann


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