Wolf Howl Extravaganza

Contributed by Leah Robinson

I heard a lone wolf howl around the corner from CP and mentioned it to Paul Setz.. Then we heard another and one more.  The call sounded young and was getting closer to the bay at CP. We headed over to the bay and squatted out of the NW breeze to conceal our smell. All of a sudden we could see movement at the point to the east. I lifted my camera as binoculars and there s/he was. We observed ‘her’ sniffing the rocks, then into the air and then s/he looked in our direction.  S/he was cautious and left as soon as s/he saw us. S/he continued howling as s/he looked for ‘her’ pack through the trees towards Baronet Pass. Approximately 15 minutes later Paul could hear more howls further away from this young one. We think s/he found her pack.


CP Wolf

CP Juv Wolf

Later in the day we could hear more howling between CP and Baronet Pass. Then more wolves began to howl across Johnstone Strait near Kaikash Creek. They called back and forth for about 5 minutes as sunset was approaching.

CP sunset

It turns out that my good friends Angela and Jannie had also been listening to wolves howl, during daylight hours, up in Port Hardy. That was day two for them.  Wonder what they are all up to?  Regardless of the reason we feel very fortunate to have had such a glimpse into their lives!

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