Winter Live Season Ends – January 30th 2001

Hello everyone,

All good things have to end, they say (though it’s not clear why), so it’s with a tinge of sadness that we write to tell you that our first year’s LIVE experiment will soon come to an end. We will cease our live webcast from Hanson Island at midnight on January 31st. We’ve called this phase “Winter Live” to distinguish it from our live webcast of last summer and fall. We’ve been more than pleased with the enthusiastic reception of our audience, to both versions. Compliments have come literally from every corner of the globe, our favourite being “this tiny window is the oasis of my days”. People from more than 42 countries have connected to LIVE at, accumulating more than 20 million “hits” over 6 months. Statistically, and by every other measure, the project has been an unqualified success. It goes without saying, but we will, that LIVE would not have succeeded, or even been attempted, without the kind support and dedicated efforts of many. Our heartfelt thanks go to NTT DATA, Saul Ueda, Atsushi Miura, NEUX, AXIS, JStream, ProVision, and the many others who have contributed their time, effort, and creative thought towards making our long-held dream of connecting people to the natural world, live. THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL!

Perhaps this need not be said either, but… LIVE will be back!

Meanwhile, we extend our best wishes to you all,

Paul, Helena, Anna & David

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