Thinking about Corky, again!

It’s feeling like Groundhog Day.  If you’ve seen the Bill Murray movie, you’ll know what I mean.  Today, December 11th 2021 is the 52nd anniversary of Corky’s capture.

Tick!  The year turns.  Unreal.  To say that Corky is still alive, and patiently waiting for us to solve the Rubix/Enigma sized puzzle involved in bringing her home is to speak of faith.  I have faith, as I believe countless others around the world do too.  Exactly when that day will come we cannot say, but it will come.

Meanwhile, Corky continues swimming in circles around her concrete tank at SeaWorld San Diego, completely shut off from the world she was born into.  She is still performing shows, and has the company of two other orcas.  Both are males, Ikaika who is 19, and Makani who is 8 .   Corky gets along well with Ikaika who is passive and gentle, but not with Makani who is rambunctious and acts aggressively towards Corky.  By no means is it an ideal situation for Corky, but this is not surprising.  Nothing about captivity is ideal.   In her tank, Corky practices tolerance as well as patience.

We have so much to be thankful to Corky for.  She led us to her family and community; which led to the intimate knowledge of her society and culture that we have today; she inspired us to take on her cause, and that led us to take on the wider cause of cetacean captivity; she has taught us the art of patience, how to practice one day at a time.; she has taught us to believe in justice, that right will triumph; and she has taught us to have faith in positive outcomes despite overwhelming circumstances.   It’s perhaps this last that I take most heart from in these days of Climate gloom.

Corky will come home.  A sanctuary is being prepared for in Double Bay on Hanson island, near where Springer found her family again.  Thanks to Michael Reppy, much work on it has already been done.  Double Bay is so beautiful that I believe It will take just one visit from SeaWorld to convince them to join us. I know I’m a dreamer, but I also know I’m not alone.  We are many.

Please join Helena and I in lighting a candle for Corky today.

Thank you so much, and please take very good care,

Stay safe!

By Paul Spong,

December 11, 2021.

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