Summer 2002 has truly begun – June 28th 2002

Today, breaching, spyhopping A12s arrived back in the the early afternoon, swept along on the favourable currents of a swiftly flooding tide toward Johnstone Strait. All seven members were present! Simoom (A34) with her youngest, Stormy (A74) tucked in close to her side led the whole way. Eclipse (A67) and Echo( so obviously a young male), were not far off. Misty (A62), Simoom’s eldest daughter, stayed near to her Grandmother Scimitar (A12) and Uncle Nimpkish (A33).They all looked great – energetic & enthusiastic as they approached their summer “home” waters. And they weren’t alone! A large minke whale swam along with them just as quickly – right beside Misty, Scimitar and Nimpkish, acting for all the world as if she were one of the family. When they were out of our view, their lovely calls kept us in touch with their passage into Johnstone Strait until well into the early evening – when fresh reports of orcas being sighted to the north promised the arrival of yet even more groups in the coming days. Summer 2002 has truly begun!

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