Stunned Orange-crowned Warbler

I found this little one sitting stunned on the deck beside Yashi’s cabin.  S/he must have flown into the window, although there was no sign on the glass.  I looked around to make sure that s/he was in a safe spot where a predator couldn’t swoop in and then monitored her/him from a place where I wouldn’t stress the bird out.  After approximately 6 minutes of resting with her/his eyes closed, s/he hopped 4 times and then flew into the forest.

The Orange-crowned Warbler is one of the most common western warblers and a rather rare migrant in the East. Its very lack of conspicuous field marks is an aid to its identification. Like other birds with concealed crown patches, this warbler displays the crown only during courtship or when alarmed.

Note: I had originally identified this Warbler as a female or juvenile Wilson’s, but then got to second guessing that decision due to the length of its tail.  So, I took to asking a friend and bird enthusiast, Jared Towers.  He had thought that it was indeed an Orange-Crowned Warbler and this ID has since been confirmed by Sandy McRuer of Rainbird Excursions in Port Alberni.  Thanks Jared and Sandy!

Contributed by Leah.

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