New northern resident orca calls app!

Download SayOrca and learn about the unique calls of these amazing whales.

We are so thrilled to be able to share our brand-new free app with you all.

SayOrca contains the discreet calls made by the different Northern Resident orca families, so you can learn how to identify these whales by their acoustic footprint. If you’re tuned in to our hydrophone feed or watching live – now you can practice identifying what you are hearing with all of us.

We hope you love SayOrca as much as we do: our intention was to provide a useful tool for those in research and education, and a fun learning experience for anyone who wants to learn more about these wonderful whales.

Please rate SayOrca 5 stars once downloaded! This will significantly help our amazing developer Taylor Griffin, who has donated so much of his time to this app. You can see more of Taylor’s work here.

A hugely special thanks to Taylor and Quin for the development, and Claire for her beautiful designs.

Please download SayOrca and share with all your whale-loving friends! If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact our dedicated troubleshooting team.

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