Last chance for LFAS comments – May 30th 2001

This is a reminder that it is the last chance to send comments regarding the application by the U.S. Navy for a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the “take of marine mammals by harassment” incidental to their operation of SURTASS Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS). It is critical that as many public comments be sent and received before May 31st as possible. Faxed comments are of course the best. The address is:

Ms. Donna Wieting, Chief,
Marine Mammal Conservation Section,
Office of Protected Resources,
National Marine Fisheries Service,
1315 East-West Highway,
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3226
Fax: 301-713-0376

If needed, you can find information on the following sites:

Or If you wish, you can register your protest via:

All the best,

Paul and Helena

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