Forty three years too long

Incredible as it may seem, Corky has now been captive 43 years.  How she has managed to withstand the stress of confinement in a concrete tank is impossible to know. Deprived of her lifelong family, the ocean she was born into, familiar sounds, and even the ability to communicate with kin, she has nonetheless survived year after year after year.  Our dream for her, that she will one day return to the ocean and meet her family again also lives on.  Like Corky, we are not deterred by the passage of time.  Today, we will once again light a candle for Corky, keeping our dream and hers alive.  We invite you to join us.


Thanks to Lori Freiburger for Corky’s rainbow photo, and Hazel Seymour for Corky’s Freedom Banner patch!

And thanks to Jeff Friedman for these recent photos of Corky:

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