Europe calls for military sonar ban! – November 4th 2004

Europe calls for military sonar ban!

The Parliament of the European Union has adopted a historic resolution calling for a moratorium on the use of high-intensity military sonar in European waters.   The resolution was agreed by an overwhelming margin of 441 votes in favour, with just 15 against and 14 abstentions.   Though it is non-binding and in itself does not compel naval vessels to stop using “active” sonar, the resolution provides a clear signal that should lead to a sharp reduction it its use by NATO and other warships operating in European waters.   Going beyond Europe, the EU parliamentarians recognized the world wide nature of the problem by calling for an international treaty banning high intensity active sonars.   The chances of such a treaty coming into being may be slim in the short term, but the stand taken by such a prestigious body offers real hope that it can happen.

Acoustically sensitive marine mammals, especially whales and dolphins, have much to thank Europe’s law makers for!

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