Corky’s saddest day number 54

December 11 2023 marks the 54th anniversary of Corky’s capture.

Unbelievable. It’s a single word, but it tells us everything we know about Corky. Her endurance: unbelievable, Her resilience: unbelievable. Her patience: unbelievable. Add any other superlative you can think of to explain how someone who has been shut off from and deprived of everything that made her is able survive day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. I’ve long pondered this, and think I have the answer. She knows. Corky knows, absolutely, that people around the world are thinking about her and working to bring her home. That gives her hope. And her hope transfers easily to me. Like Corky, I believe she will come home.

Meanwhile, the Sanctuary Corky will come home to at Double Bay on Hanson Island is being prepared Work on the old lodge is proceeding apace. It is already solar powered. Soon, the waters of the bay will be pristine again. First Nations, to whom Corky is family, are joining our quest. Step by step, Corky’s journey home is coming together.

That day will come.

Please join me and Helena in lighting a candle for Corky.

Thank you so much.


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