Corky’s saddest day number 49

Hello everyone!  Almost unbelievably, today is the 49th anniversary of Corky’s capture! Please give some space in your day to thinking about her and dreaming of her returning to her home waters. She is not forgotten by us and by people around the world. A couple of days ago, her fabulous FREEDOM BANNER was displayed once again in San Raphael, California.  At the left of the top photo is Christine Caruso, who is producing a documentary film about Corky, and with his hand raised is Michael Reppy, who is working on a “retirement home” for Corky in Double Bay on Hanson Island.

Corky’s friend Lori visited Corky yesterday.  Here is her report:

I visited Corky today just to fill my heart, then to fill yours.  She was in a big group,  Corky, Ike, Makani, Shouka and Keet. They were in the west pool. The one with the crack to see them. Anyway thru the crack I spent a couple hours with Corky. She seemed to be resting, facing away from me, but like a razor view of her dorsal from the back. Well she was trying to rest, Ike and Makani playful and all over her being frisky. A few times she rooster tailed it out of there and did a loop. The rascals always came back.  A couple times she spyhopped and played along, it went on for over an hour. What impresses me the most is how tall and straight her dorsal is, wiggles like a free whale when she cuts the water or just standing still.   She looks good, shiny, black, relaxed and in good company until she comes home. To see thru my crack I had to sit on the ground, looked a little funny I guess. Security came up and suggested I move to another area. The ol’ guy gave up after I said there was no better view.  He did keep an eye on me for over an hour. Crazy ol’ lady…so dangerous.  Anyway a peaceful visit with her. She is strong…and I know she is waiting.  Any updates on Double Bay?  I would love some images to light my fire.  Love you all…Lori &A16

Please light a candle for Corky today!

Thanks everyone, and thanks to Michael Reppy for the photos.

Paul and Helena

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