An effortless way to help fight hunger – February 7th 2000

Hello everyone,

There can be little doubt that hunger is a root cause of many of the world’s problems… and that while hunger is commonplace there will be no end to human suffering. About a year ago we heard of a way to make a “free” donation of food to the United Nations World Food Program via the Internet, simply by going to “” and clicking on a button that says “DONATE FREE FOOD”. A substantial donation of food (presently 2.25 cups) then goes to the UN program, paid for by the site’s sponsors. Donations are limited to once per day. It’s clearly a great idea (over a million cups of food are presently donated daily) so we’ve gone to the Hunger Site & clicked on the donation button a number of times during the past year. But we haven’t done so regularly… because when we connect to the Net we’re usually busy thinking about something else. Then, a few days ago, it occurred to us that if we made the Hunger Site our “home” page, it would naturally come up every time we launch our web browser. Now we donate food to the UN program almost every day… simply because every time we decide to access the Internet, the donation button is in front of us 30 seconds later!

So here’s our thought… let’s see if we can get “everyone” to make the Hunger Site their “home” page! If you’re anything like us, you probably use your own web site as your home page, or have your web browser open with a default site you like or use often. But then you probably go to another site. i.e. the site you open with isn’t usually very relevant to what you end up doing… it’s just a way of getting started. So why not make your “home” site the Hunger Site? Then, after you click on the donation button, just go to whatever site you want next… knowing you’ve done something that helps people in real need, & quite possibly feeling a little better about the day.

Try it, ok… & if you like this idea, by all means pass it on!

Our best wishes to you all,

Paul & Helena

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