A candle for Corky – January 16th 2005

The new year brought us a wonderful new patch for CORKY’S FREEDOM BANNER! It came to us from County Mayo in Ireland, where it was made over the Christmas holidays by Marianne Odendahl. We remember so fondly our visit to Ireland with Corky’s banner in May of 1997. The stout hearts and fierce determination of the kids of Dublin inspired us then, as Marianne’s Candle for Corky patch inspires us now. Thank you Marianne!

Corky is always in our thoughts. She is still swimming in circles around her tank at Sea World, still performing shows as “Shamu”, still alive. These facts reinforce our resolve. We are as determined as ever to see Corky return to her home waters, though how that is to be accomplished we do not know. Marianne’s patch tells us that Corky’s story and her cause are still thriving in the world, and that fact brings us hope!

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