It’s time to bring Corky home!

It’s hard to imagine and difficult to grasp, but this day, December 11th 2020 marks the 51st anniversary of Corky’s capture.  Unbelievable.  But true.  Every day Corky keeps herself alive in the barren concrete tank that is her Sea World “home” she creates a record for captive orca longevity.  Fifty one years.  Adjectives pale, words fail.  I am left with the belief that Corky knows in some way unfathomable to us that people around the world want her to come home to meet her family again, and that leads me to believe she will.  She is perhaps above all, patient.  Waiting.  Waiting.

As with the Covid crisis, I see hope on the horizon.  A sanctuary is being prepared for Corky, in Double Bay on Hanson Island, close to where Springer returned to her family.  There, though Corky will still be confined she will at last be home. She will meet her family again.  Imagine the day.

I know that people around the world will light a candle for Corky today, as Helena and I will, and that collectively we will convey our hopes and dreams for Corky.  Please join us.  She will know.

By Paul Spong,

December 11,2020

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