Summary: August 27th 2023

Northern Residents: A42s (A94), B07s [A23s, I16s, A52s Port Hardy area]

Humpbacks: Stitch, Argonaut, Quartz

What a difference a day makes. The entries in the log book cover just 3 pages! The day started promisingly enough with faint calls from the A42s and B07s still in Johnstone Strait at 12:33am. The calls would remain distant until 1:03am. All of this suggested the orcas were to the west and probably moving north into Weynton Pass. A few more unsourced calls occurred at 6:49am. We suspect that the whales had come through to Blackfish Sound and were now headed to Queen Charlotte Strait.

Kate at Bere Point saw and identified the A42s and the B07s when they approached Bere Point at 10:23am from the east. They continued west. Later, at 1:12pm they turned and had a long and energetic rub and then turned around to the west once more.

The rubbing beach at Bere Point is a concern and great frustration to Kate who camps on the beach in order to monitor whales and keep an eye on humans as well. The beach is open to the Public and attracts many visitors. Despite just plain common sense and Kate’s educational efforts, the whales are often subjected to overly excited people when rubbing happens. It is really too bad because this beach is easily accessible and therefore a privilege to be there. Perhaps people fall victim to believing they can do no harm with their enthusiasm, treating each rubbing event as if it were a show at a captive facility. Too harsh? Not really. This ocean is the orcas’ home. It is never acceptable to crash into someone’s home. If only people understood the benefits of being quiet, still and in awe. The pay off? The moment will, guaranteed, be deeper and more profound – who could ask for anything more than that?

Additional notes for the day. Thirty orcas were travelling south-east (an encouraging direction!) at 4:50pm. This turned out to be the A23s with the I16s off Deer Island. The Bs and the A42s were ahead of them resting. The A52s were there as well. Thanks Scotty for this report. Are they on their way back? Maybe – Kate reported late at 11:35pm that there were orcas rubbing again at Bere Point.

Arriving just in time for dinner we welcomed Hannah, Indie, Zephyr and Sam for a far too short visit.

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