It’s Raining in Johnstone Strait

Night is quickly approaching and silence has finally overcome the speakers. Hope is high for some cetacean chatter, and the absence of boat noise comes as a relief.

There isn’t a stich of wind and the sea is calm.

The sounds of the songbirds take over in the forests and on the beaches surrounding the lab.  Varied Thrush, Robins, Winter Wrens, Yellow Crowned Sparrows are amongst the crowd, but there are many more.

Hummingbirds buzz by looking for nectar to sustain their incredible energy.

The Eagles sitting high in the treetops seem to have a lot to say to one another.

Cormorants, Gull’s and a lone Pigeon Guillemot spot the calm waters across the Pass, while the regular gaggle of Harlequin ducks are gathered in the bay chitting away.

Meanwhile, a tight bundle of sea lions appear to be ever so relaxed as they float with flippers in the air down the way.

An amazing blue hue covers the sky to the south.

It’s raining in Johnstone Strait.

Leah 05/04/2011; 2056 PST


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