Empty the tanks worldwide

Empty the Tanks Worldwide

Corky Megan Young photo IMG_0494

‘Empty the Tanks Worldwide’ is a global anti captivity protest taking place tomorrow, July 27th 2013, at 28 different locations. The protest is to help raise anti captivity awareness across the world, and to make a unified stance against the industry of captive cetaceans. It’s perfect timing as it correlates with the worldwide release of Blackfish, an award winning documentary about orcas in captivity.

Here at Orcalab we all feel very passionately about anti captivity awareness and as none of us are able to attend one of the scheduled protests, we’ve decided to make our statement right here from Hanson Island. Tomorrow we are planning to create an ‘Empty the Tanks’ banner along the beach here, out of driftwood. It’ll be our way of getting the message out there of thanks, but NO TANKS!  Orcalab has been heavily involved in long running campaigns aiming to free Corky, Lolita and other captive orcas, and allow them to resume their lives with their families in the oceans. From the bottom of our hearts we all believe keeping cetaceans in captivity is wrong. They are intelligent beings who suffer severe side effects of life in a tank – psychosis, loss of dorsal fin structure, teeth erosion, but most poignantly of all – they lose their family;their mothers, aunties, uncles, brothers sisters and cousins. We have had Corkys’ family in the area for the past week or so, and we can ID and recognize all her family members, but in the ID book, Corky (A16), is greyed out. Orcas in the ID book that are greyed out have passed away. But the reality is Corky hasn’t passed away, she is spending her life in a swimming pool sized circus, and we want to fight for her, and all the other orcas in these tanks, to not be ‘greyed out’ in the ID books – we want them back in the ocean. Free.

So if you are able to get to any of the locations stated below in time, please go out and help raise awareness about cetaceans in captivity, convince people to boycott Seaworld and other marine parks by simply not buying a ticket to go there, and make a stand for those who, at the moment don’t have the capacity to do it for themselves.

The organized locations for the ‘Empty the Tanks Worldwide’ protest are;

Seaworld, San Diego – California USA

Seaworld, San Antonio – Texas USA

Seaworld, Orlando – Floria USA

Marineland Canada – Onario Canada

Miami Seaquarium, Miami – Florida USA

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia USA

National Aquarium, Baltimore – USA

Seaworld, Australia, Gold Coast – Australia

Dolphinarium Harderwijk – Netherlands

She’d Aquarium – Chicago USA

Las Vegas Mirage Hotel & Casino – Navada USA

Durban – South Africa

Vancouver Aquarium – BC Canada

Sealife Park, Oahu USA

Toronto – Canada

Edinburgh, UK

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo – CA USA

Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Kamogawa Sea World – Japan

Osaka – Japan

London – UK


Zoo Aquarium De Madrid – Spain

For more information on the event and how to get involved please visit ….


& for more information about the movie Blackfish and where you can see it visit…


We’ll upload a photo soon with our finished beach driftwood, and tomorrow we will be thinking of everyone worldwide making a stand for the freedom of those who truly have a right to be free in the oceans around us.

The Orcalab Assistants 

July 26, 2013

Corky photo thanks to Megan Young

July 27, 2013:


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