Oh say! can’t you see?

IWC 2012 Day Three This celebration day for the USA (July 4th) began with a report by the sub-committee on whale killing methods and welfare.  Yes, whale welfare has somehow crept into the room, in the guise of “time to death”.  Quite possibly, no one disputes the likelihood that suffering is prolonged if death is […]

IWC Day Two: Greenland humpbacks: to kill or not – June 23rd 2009

The morning session of IWC 61 (’09) Day Two was taken up by discussion of the “future” of the IWC, and the need to continue Chairman Hogarth’s efforts to resolve the deadlock that has arisen in negotiations, i.e. the failure of wishful thinking.  The meeting was presented with a draft document titled “Consensus resolution on […]

IWC 60 day four: the war zone – June 26th 2008

It wasn’t difficult to discern by the end of yesterday that the fragile truce engineered by Chairman Hogarth was breaking down. This morning it shattered. The precipitating cause was Denmark’s request on behalf of Greenland to add 10 humpbacks per year, for the next 5 years, to its long list of large and small whales […]

IWC 60 day three: once more unto the breach – June 25th 2008

It wasn’t quite open warfare, but the third day of this Wonderland exercise in Santiago came close a couple of times. The consensus approach so dear to the heart of Chairman Hogarth never was a declared truce, more like a bunch of former but still active opponents standing around, uncomfortably, at a peace conference; neither […]

Russian orca capture – October 12th 2003

Russian orca capture Action Alert. Please join the protest! The capture of a young female orca in Russia’s far eastern waters and her subsequent shipment by air to a facility on the Black Sea coast have now been confirmed. The capture took place on September 26th and the shipment on October 5th. The 430cm long […]

Russian orcas captured! – October 6th 2003

It is with the deepest regret that we report the capture of an orca in eastern Russian waters. The capture took place in Avacha Bay near the city of Petropavlovsk- Kamchatskiy in southern Kamchatka Peninsula. The consequences, quite apart from the impact on a young female orca and her family, are potentially immense because the […]

Russian orca dies – October 31st 2003

With profound sorrow we must report that the first ever Russian orca captive, a young female, is dead after less than one month. The circumstances of her death are unclear. However, it is quite possible that she died of shock, suffered internal injuries during transportation, or starved to death because she refused food. We will […]

Good news for orcas! – April 7th 2003

During the last week two developments – in Japan and Argentina – have brought very encouraging news for orcas… the Nagoya Aquarium appears to have given up its attempts to buy orcas from Russia, and Argentina`s Secretary of Environment has decided not to permit export of the captive orca Kshamenk to the U.S.A. The Nagoya […]