Corky’s 35 wasted years – December 11th 2004

Corky’s 35 wasted years Incredibly, it is now 35 years since the fateful night when Corky’s family, later to become known as the “A5 pod”, swam through the narrow entrance of British Columbia’s Pender Harbour and into the nets of waiting fishermen.   It was the beginning of a long, torturous journey for Corky.   […]

Great beginning to Corky’s Freedom Tour – May 20 2001

Hello everyone, Good news on two fronts of Corky’s freedom campaign! The first events of Corky’s FREEDOM 2001 tour were successful, despite the threat of inclement weather; and Michael Reppy is more than half way to Japan on board Thursday’s Child, in his attempt to break the trans-Pacific single handed record and publicise ocean issues, […]