Robson Bight salvage: mission accomplished – May 19th 2009

The term “Mission Accomplished” has achieved such a tawdry reputation in recent times that one has to be hesitant about using it.  However, occasionally it is appropriate, and well deserved.  We are happy to report that such is the case for the Robson Bight salvage operation.   By 3pm today, the tanker truck laden with 10,000 […]

Oil spill investigation update – December 21st 2007

Unusually benign winter weather conditions during the past 3 weeks have assisted the underwater investigation of  the aftermath of the tragic August 20th oil spill in Robson Bight.  A mini sub operated by Nuytco Research ( under government contract has located and documented (in high resolution video) all the equipment that fell 350m to the […]

Robson Bight oil spill update – August 28th 2007

Robson Bight oil spill update A week has passed since the shocking oil spill inside the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve on August 20th. The oil slick has dispersed and most obvious signs of contamination have disappeared. A few oil soaked dead sea birds were found, and others were observed preening excessively in the […]

Seismic victory for whales – March 28th 2007

Coming as a welcome change of pace for whales, we have good news to report. The marine component of the BATHOLITHS Project has been cancelled! This Science-gone-mad scheme would have seen vital northern British Columbia habitat for humpback whales, orcas and numerous other species of cetaceans (as well as fish and marine life at large) […]