Rubbing Beach Hydrophone Battery Haul


Wolf Howl Extravaganza

Contributed by Leah Robinson I heard a lone wolf howl around the corner from CP and mentioned it to Paul Setz.. Then we heard another and one more.  The call sounded young and was getting closer to the bay at CP. We headed over to the bay and squatted out of the NW breeze to […]

Rainbows & Clouds…Yoga & Whales

Written by Natalie Lucier At the beginning of August we had a full moon. I’m not sure of the exact day but this was the night before the complete full moon. The moon was bright and shining strong, lighting up the mountains as a beautiful silhouette landscape.   It was a dreamy morning on Aug […]

Blows & Breaches: An OrcaLab Update

Blog post by: Natalie We attended the 10 year Springer Reunion at Telegraph Cove. We had a booth set up representing OrcaLab there July 13-15th. We played audio recordings of orca calls and also sold CD’s of Springer’s own vocalizations of when she first was reunited with her pod. There were a lot of people […]

The 2012 Season Begins

July 11, 2012 – Post by Natalie We, the assistants, have arrived on Hanson Island for the summer of 2012. We first bonded by going on a hike on Hanson Island to a little cove called Dong Chong Bay. We were awed by the beautiful old cedar tree that OrcaLab has named “Grandmother cedar” which […]

The Cycle of Life

For the first time since moving to OrcaLab for the summer, I had an opportunity so awesome that it legitimized abandoning my post in the Lab for a few hours. Last night, messages came in telling us about the deceased, juvenile male humpback that was to be cleaned today for the Whale Interpretive Centre, (WIC), […]

The sounds and the silence

We walk out of our kitchen door at dawn and are greeted by the whooshing blow of a humpback whale that ends in a whistle… whew!  So great.  The sounds of humpbacks blowing have become such a routine part of our acoustic scene that we are no longer surprised; we are however, always charmed.   And […]

endless summer

Signs that Fall is here are everywhere. It’s dark when I get up at 6am, the first hint of a new day on the horizon; the forest floor has turned gold and green as the cedars shed their summer cloak; honeysuckle leaves litter the boardwalks and garden ground; bright red honeysuckle berries are being plucked […]

Sadness and sentiment – the start of summer 2011

A rare April encounter brought the first hint that the A5 pod might have suffered an unexpected loss. The young adult female, Nodales (A51), was not with her family, though all the A5 matrilines were present.  She and her 2010 baby were both missing.  Denial, and no further sightings of the group until much later, […]

Winter & Spring Wrap Up; 2010/2011

The winter of 2010/2011 proved to be a dark, cold and windy season with no shortage of precipitation. La Nina was forecast and she definitely took a strong hold. There was rain, snow, hail, sun and wind; storm warnings, hurricane force winds and even a Tsunami advisory! The lack of sun and cold temperatures made […]