The 2012 Season Begins

July 11, 2012 – Post by Natalie We, the assistants, have arrived on Hanson Island for the summer of 2012. We first bonded by going on a hike on Hanson Island to a little cove called Dong Chong Bay. We were awed by the beautiful old cedar tree that OrcaLab has named “Grandmother cedar” which […]

Leo – September 10th 2009

Leo Over a week has passed since our dearest dog friend, Leo, left us, creating a break in the rhythm of our lives that will persist for a long time to come.  We constantly find ourselves doing little things based on the expectation that he is there – a subtle adjustment of a foot, stepping […]

Springer’s 4th anniversary – July 14th 2006

Springer’s 4th anniversary July 14th, 2006 marks the 4th anniversary of Springer’s repatriation. The little orphan orca, who’s dramatic rescue and return to her family captivated the world in 2002, is now 6 years old and a fully functional member of her A4 pod and Northern Resident orca community. Springer was in her usual place […]