Orca-Live 2005 – July 11th 2005

Orca-live 2005 opens After weeks of rainy, cloudy days, the sky cleared and the sun shone for the opening of the 6th season of Orca-live at 6pm PDT yesterday! Project director Soichi Ueda was on hand for the opening, as were OrcaLab’s 2005 assistants. The world wide audience, some who had stayed up very late […]

Springer update… Looking good! – August 2nd 2002

Springer (A73) is showing every sign of adjusting successfully to her new life in the wild. When we saw her last, two evenings ago, close in front of OrcaLab heading north, she was travelling closest to her natal matriline, the A24s – with her “adopted” matriline, the A25s, not far behind. This is a very […]

Corky’s family visits Johnstone Strait – February 20th 2000

Hello everyone, This afternoon, moments after we sent out our gloomy message about Belen, the Argentinian orca who died recently, Leo (our dog) pricked up his ears & we heard orcas calling on the hydrophone monitor inside our house! They were on the Parson Island station first, then on Cracroft Point, so we think the […]