No Tankers & No Pipeline

A number of local concerned citizens, including our team from OrcaLab, spoke to the Joint Review Panel (JRP) in Port Hardy on August 7/8th to express their concerns surrounding the much hotly debated Northern Gateway Pipeline project, as proposed by Enbridge.  It was inspiring to listen to varied individual perspectives and to witness the community […]

She came home – August 29th 2009

At 68 years of age, the matriarch A12 (Scimitar) is one of two oldest female orcas in British Columbia’s Northern Resident community.   Recently, with the death of her 38 year old son Nimpkish, who had been Scimitar’s constant companion for many years, she has provided us with a perfect example of the glue the binds […]

Robson Bight salvage: mission accomplished – May 19th 2009

The term “Mission Accomplished” has achieved such a tawdry reputation in recent times that one has to be hesitant about using it.  However, occasionally it is appropriate, and well deserved.  We are happy to report that such is the case for the Robson Bight salvage operation.   By 3pm today, the tanker truck laden with 10,000 […]

An uneasy time for orcas – March 16th 2009

An uneasy time for orcas The “resident” orcas of the Pacific Northwest have evolved their lifestyle and organized their communities around the easy availability and predictable habits of the salmon they rely on for food.  For thousands of years, 5 species of salmon spawned in coastal rivers and streams, the progeny making their way out […]

Corky’s saddest day – December 11th 2008

December 11th marks the 39th anniversary of the capture of a family of northern resident orcas in Pender Harbour, British Columbia. The captured pod, known later as the A5s, was very nearly destroyed when six, half of the pod’s members, were forcibly removed and sent to various aquaria around the world. Corky, then just five […]

Salvage delays – June 10th 2008

In mid May, after months of delay, British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment finally issued a Request for Proposals to salvage the diesel fuel tanker that has been lying at the bottom of Robson Bight since last August’s tragic barge accident.  Several proposals were received by the June 4th closing date, and are now being evaluated […]

Robson Bight update: good news! – April 20th 2008

We have good news.  Yesterday, British Columbia’s Environment Minister Barry Penner announced that Canada’s federal government will cooperate with the province in removing the diesel fuel tanker now lying underwater in the Ecological Reserve at Robson Bight.  Though no definite timing was stated, subsequent comments by Minister Penner clearly indicated that officials are aware that […]

Robson Bight update – March 28th 2008

When a barge dangerously laden with logging equipment, including a tanker truck of diesel fuel, spilled its load in the heart of the world’s best known orca habitat – the Ecological Reserve at Robson Bight – last August 20th, whale lovers were outraged, environmentalists dismayed, the public alerted, and even the oil industry took note. […]

Oil spill update – October 4th 2007

Well over a month has now passed since the tragic oil spill in the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve. On the official side, virtually nothing has happened, but on the NGO side, much progress has been made. Given the governmental inaction, the immediate NGO response, led by Living Oceans and Greenpeace, to raise the […]

Oil spill threatens orcas – August 21st 2007

Yesterday, shortly before noon, a barge laden with logging equipment that included a fuel truck carrying thousands of litres of diesel fuel, spilled its load in the Robson Bight Michael Bigg Ecological Reserve. The fuel truck and numerous other vehicles carrying diesel fuel plunged 200m to the bottom, where the fuel was released and quickly […]