Blackney Pass Tidal Energy Dispute Resolved

  Less than 2 weeks ago, thanks to Angela Smith who saw a public notice posted in the North island Gazette, we became aware of a proposal by SRM Projects of Nanaimo, B.C. to conduct an investigation of the tidal energy potential of Blackney Pass at the entrance to Johnstone Strait. Leah Robinson began a […]

Eagle Rescue at CP

By Marie Fournier While I was doing a routine whale scan something small and black caught my eye amongst the tide rips at the mouth of Blackney Passage. I took a closer look and realized it was a bald eagle right in the middle of the strong flood current. The tide rips can get very […]

Rainbows & Clouds…Yoga & Whales

Written by Natalie Lucier At the beginning of August we had a full moon. I’m not sure of the exact day but this was the night before the complete full moon. The moon was bright and shining strong, lighting up the mountains as a beautiful silhouette landscape.   It was a dreamy morning on Aug […]

Good Day at the Office

  Contributed by Phinn Onens Picture this; there is an eerie morning fog which envelopes the calm and quiet waters of Blackney Pass when suddenly a group of Orca emerge in unison. The sound of their blows, like canons firing, carry far across the water. As we watched from our station on Hanson Island, you […]

The sounds and the silence

We walk out of our kitchen door at dawn and are greeted by the whooshing blow of a humpback whale that ends in a whistle… whew!  So great.  The sounds of humpbacks blowing have become such a routine part of our acoustic scene that we are no longer surprised; we are however, always charmed.   And […]

endless summer

Signs that Fall is here are everywhere. It’s dark when I get up at 6am, the first hint of a new day on the horizon; the forest floor has turned gold and green as the cedars shed their summer cloak; honeysuckle leaves litter the boardwalks and garden ground; bright red honeysuckle berries are being plucked […]

Transient Superpod Social

  It was 08:37, on May 16th, when we heard the first orca call on the house speaker.  We were in the midst of a discussion about a huge group of transients that had been observed to the south the day before.  The report spoke of a group of over 30 individuals. We were not […]

Perigee Moon

 contributed by Leah Robinson March 19, 2011 When the Moon is at Perigee, closer to the Earth, there is much more gravitational pull which contributes to higher tides or greater variation in the high and low tide. March 19th’s Perigee Moon is the biggest, 14% bigger than usual, in almost 20 years! The last […]

the return of summer

The forest floor is starting to go reddish-orange around here, as the cedars shed their summer cloak, and the mornings have a distinct chill about them that comes with fog and feels like fall.  So we know the season is changing.   From what has been happening with the orcas lately, though, you’d think we were […]

when the (resident) orcas are away

It’s been rather uncanny over the years, to note how often the space left by absent resident orcas is filled by transient orcas, who somehow manage to show up and save a thin whale watching day.  It is difficult to know whether this is a real phenomenon, or an observational artifact.  One might  reasonably suppose […]