Rainbows & Clouds…Yoga & Whales

Written by Natalie Lucier At the beginning of August we had a full moon. I’m not sure of the exact day but this was the night before the complete full moon. The moon was bright and shining strong, lighting up the mountains as a beautiful silhouette landscape.   It was a dreamy morning on Aug […]

Good orca news – June 14th 2008

Just a few hours after we sent our last report about the unsettling situation in Robson Bight, we received a very uplifting email from our colleagues at CetaceaLab (www.whaleresearch.ca) on Gill Island – they had sighted the A30s the day before, and everyone was there!  This news comes as a great relief, as we had […]

Salvage delays – June 10th 2008

In mid May, after months of delay, British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment finally issued a Request for Proposals to salvage the diesel fuel tanker that has been lying at the bottom of Robson Bight since last August’s tragic barge accident.  Several proposals were received by the June 4th closing date, and are now being evaluated […]

Good Springer news – November 15th 2007

Springer has returned to Johnstone Strait, and she looks great! Almost 3 anxious months have passed since the tragic oil spill in Robson Bight, which exposed fully 25% of the Northern resident orca community to toxic diesel fumes. Springer’s family, the A4 pod, was one of the groups which spent several hours amidst a dense […]

BC’s broken coast – June 17th 2007

Where salmon are farmed, wild salmon runs fail for the simple reason that farming this nomadic fish breaks natural laws. In nature, salmon start their life in rivers and go out to sea as juveniles. They spend most of their life at sea, and return to the same rivers to spawn at the end of […]