OrcaLab’s Shop and Support page contributes to the mix of funding that keeps our project running from year to year. The funds raised from items we have for sale help to keep our project going, and are also offered as thanks for the support we receive. Donations to OrcaLab are tax deductible in Canada via the Pacific Orca Society, which is a non-profit Canadian charity.


Here is how your support will help:


For the past 30 years OrcaLab has maintained a six-hydrophone network that provides continuous coverage of approximately 50 square kilometers of what has become known as Critical Habitat for the Northern Resident orca community. This long-term record of the presence, behaviours and movements of the whales is unique. 


  • Upgrade of batteries, cable, transmitters and transducers are needed from time to time.


Since year 2000, OrcaLab has brought the daily sounds and sights of the Critical Habitat to a worldwide audience through its www.orca-live.net website.  A wireless network of 5 microwave radios, on three different islands, connects the Lab to an Internet server in Alert Bay 18 kilometres away.


  • Purchase of bandwidth is costly but necessary to provide this important educational outreach and complete the addition of regular video broadcasts in the near future. 


Working from an island requires a boat for transport of people, groceries and supplies, equipment and servicing the remote radios and hydrophones.


  • Boat fuel costs continue to be significant.


OrcaLab is dedicated to using alternative energy. A recent solar upgrade has enabled OrcaLab to greatly decrease its reliance on generator power.


  • New batteries are needed to fully fulfill the potential of the installed solar panels capacity.



Thank you for visiting, and thank you for supporting our efforts to help whales and our world.