The Best of OrcaLive 2003

This presentation of the highlights of the fourth season of Orca-Live reflects the richness of the underwater world of the kelp forest as well as the continuing story of the orcas who visit Johnstone Strait each year.  We were privileged to witness many remarkable scenes.  The intense focus of Kiltik and Racey fishing right under the camera stands out, as does the effortless underwater ballet of the curious quartet of sea lions who made the kelp forest at Cracroft Point their home in the fall.  Springer’s return, again, was a welcome sight; the visit of “Willy”, the solitary pseudorca, an unexpected thrill.  Everyday events provided continuous fascination… shafts of sunlight illuminating individual strands of kelp, endless streams of perch, vigilant kelp greenlings gliding by.  At once awesome and ordinary, the imagery and sounds presented here will enable everyone to relive Johnstone Strait’s summer and fall 2003.

Photography by David Howitt and Lisa Larsson, audio selections by Tomoko Mitsuya and Mari Ochiai, production by Anna Kathleen Spong.

Thanks to NTT Data for their support of Orca-Live!

Available as an instant digital download, these videos have been optimized for display on portable devices, such as an iPod or iPhone. As such, we recommend display on smaller screens rather then large displays such as a TV.

Price: $14.95


  1. Chantelle says:

    Just purchased three downloads for my ipad…are we able to watch them over and over again….I can’t seem to save them on my ipad….I want to be able to sleep to the sounds! I tried listening to the inside passage and it says I’ve exceeded my downloads? Anyone know?

    • Hi Chantelle,

      Thank you for your purchase! In order to play on your iPad, you’ll need to transfer the files to your iPad via iTunes. Each of your three products ordered should start downloading automatically into your downloads folder so you should see them when the download is complete. Let us know if you have any difficulty accessing video or audio :) Warmest wishes, Anna

  2. Chantelle says:

    Hi Anna! It took me all evening but I did it….no idea why but I’m good to go! Thanks so much for responding AND for providing me a taste of home from Ontario. Wishing all peace and JOY!

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