The Best of OrcaLive 2001

The second season of OrcaLive was rich with drama above and below the surface.  Brand new baby Cedar appeared one fine September morning.  We had no prior clue, but suddenly there was a tiny head popping up with each breath in the middle of the A30s, the little one already swimming in perfect synch with mum Minstrel and her family.  The “B” brothers’ Yuculta, Nakwakto, and Slingsby with his huge twisted dorsal fin tilted to one side, and their persistent quiet pursuit of the A5 females in front of Cracroft Point.  Rocky, the kelp greenling who made his home a rock in front of an underwater camera, became a familiar presence.  This was a season of moods… full moons that shone through trees and hovered over a blue ocean, shafts of sunlight piercing brooding clouds, eagles soaring, the great misty breaths and suspended flukes of humpback whales, a belly-flopping baby orca trying to fly, salmon cruising through.  Viewers of OrcaLive 2001 will have instant recall for much of what is presented here, others will experience a first-time thrill.

Photography and production by Anna Kathleen Spong, audio selections by Helena Symonds.

Thanks to NTT Data for their support of Orca-Live!

Available as an instant digital download, these videos have been optimized for display on portable devices, such as an iPod or iPhone. As such, we recommend display on smaller screens rather then large displays such as a TV.

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