The Best of OrcaLive 2004

This video and audio presentation of the highlights of OrcaLive 2004 includes surface and underwater scenes filmed from OrcaLab’s Cracroft Point video station, along with selections from our 2004 recordings of the orcas’ voices.  Above water, we follow the continuing story of the families of British Columbia’s Northern Resident orca community. Little orphan orca Springer’s return provides a high moment, as does the dramatic encounter of a tiny Dall’s porpoise with the huge A36 brothers. Below water, we are immersed in the wondrous world of the kelp forest, so full of colour and light and life. Sea lions glide through, effortless in the mastery of their domain; we glimpse orcas, and we become involved in the ordinary lives of fish and other sea creatures. Possibly the most spectacular addition to this season’s collection are images of the orcas at the “rubbing beaches” inside the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve. Viewed via our remote cameras, and blowing bubbles as they dive, their joie de vivre is obvious and contagious.

Production by Anna Spong, audio selections by Helena Symonds, videography by Anna Spong, Fiona Wright, Michael Reppy, Peter Muny, Nat Haltrich, Julie Warrington, Brigitte Weiss, Mari Ochiai, Tomoko Mitsuya.

Thanks to NTT Data for their support of Orca-live!  Thanks also to the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for assisting our rubbing beaches project, and B.C. Parks for their cooperation and support.

Available as an instant digital download, these videos have been optimized for display on portable devices, such as an iPod or iPhone. As such, we recommend display on smaller screens rather then large displays such as a TV.

Price: $14.95

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