Adopt Springer!

Springer’s story is at once remarkable and inspiring. Sadly orphaned as a baby in 2001, she got lost and ended up alone, far away from home near Seattle in Washington State. She was a mystery. A recording of her voice led to a match being found in OrcaLab’s archives. Suddenly it was known that she was a member of the A4 pod; then a photo of her as an infant proved her identity. A great project to return Springer to her family and community was set in motion. Agencies from Canada and the USA set up a scientific consulting group which concluded that Springer should be returned to her home waters and given a chance to rejoin her community. She was captured and held for a month. After being given a clean bill of health, she was transported to a bay on Hanson Island near OrcaLab, held very briefly until making contact with close kin and released. A month later, after many adventures she was swimming comfortably with her great aunt’s family. Today, Springer has a little baby beside her, a new life and new hope for her pod.
Springer’s plight brought together a diverse group from all sides of the captivity debate, First Nations and the aquaculture industry,  Their only purpose was to help return a baby orca to her family and community. She proved that by working together people can solve even the most difficult problems. For orcas, she proved that return to family and community after separation is possible. Lessons were learned that apply to Corky, Lolita, Morgan and others!
Adopt Springer and follow her story: The Born Free Foundation generously provides almost all of the funds raised to OrcaLab. Springer adoptions make great presents for anyone who cares about orcas whales and oceans too!
Springer (A73) 2011  IMG_2195 - Version 2