Orcas of the Inside Passage

The sounds orcas make are amazing!  Orca calls travel many kilometres in the ocean, enabling family members to keep in touch when they are considerable distances apart.  Each family uses a unique collection of calls, averaging about a dove distinctive sounds.  This makes it possible for us to distinguish the groups from each other, as of course of the whales.  The sounds on this CD are from the “northern resident” orca community, which consists of families from “A”, “G”, and “R” clans.  Most orca sounds are within human hearing range, so an underwater microphone or hydrophone lets us listen with relative ease.  OrcaLab’s network of hydrophones enables us to track groups as they travel around the “core area” – Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound – during the night or when out of sight.  Orca calls are actually rapidly repeated “pulses” which form discrete sounds.  Orcas make two other types of sounds, echolocations clicks and pure tone whistles.  When hunting or navigating the whales use rebounding echoes from brief pulses to define relevant shapes in the ocean.  The high pitched whistles ofter accompany close social encounters.  We may never understand the details of orca “conversation” but we can enjoy the wonderful acoustic experience the orcas bring to us.

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