Seattle – May 4th to 6th 2001

May 4-6. Corky’s campaign bus FREEDOM was invited inside the grounds for the 3 days of this wonderful annual arts & crafts fair, with Corky’s fabulous banner on display in various modes according to the weather… under cover during showers & outside when the sun shone. FREEDOM’s driver, mechanic & banner hanger David Howitt reports:

Two tables were set up for painting & the kids who came to the show were really enthusiastic painters. We soon had 50 patches of new banner hanging in front and above the bus. One of the great things about working with kids is their difficult questions. “How long does the banner have to be for August (Busch III) to free Corky?”

Thanks Bill, Fran, Helga, Kelley, Bob, Susan & Howie for your great help! Thanks Kathleen Miller, for inviting us! And thanks David, for everything!

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