Saltspring Island – May 26th 2001

Corkys Freedom Banner filled with the Sea Breeze and stretched from the Saturday Market across the sea front of Centenial Park to the children’s playground and spiralled into the park gazeboo. Artisans craft tables lead arround to the Corky bus where kids painted there own patches to hang from the trees.

Many thanks to all the students, teachers and Principals of Fernwood Elementary, Saltspring Elementary, Saltspring Middle, Saltspring Centre, and Pheonix Programme for such enthusiastic response to the Orca presentation and the contribution of many new painted patches. A big thanks to Melanie, Terra and Meshia and the community of Saltspring Island.

For myself I gained an appreciation for how the findings of scientific research can instill a sense of wonder and awe, provoking further questioning and a desire to know more. As Corkys banner caught the sunshine, for me it relected the sense of youthfull wonder. With the sea breeze, a movement to work together to allow Orcas the right of freedom to live their natural lives for their own reasons.

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