San Francisco – May 22nd, 1999

It turned out to be a typical San Francisco day… i.e. not much resembling the weather forecast… and a great day for Corky. Our hopes were high when we emerged at 7:30am into a blue sky day already hot enough to think about taking sunscreen along, and with a predicted high of 80 degrees F with light winds to boot. Too perfect to believe? Better believe it. By the time we’d had breakfast and headed for the Earth Island office to pick up messages & merchandise, the wind was already rustling leaves.

And by the time we arrived on the scene, there were serious white caps in the bay and a large bank of dark fog on the horizon.Not the least deterred, Corky’s intrepid band of volunteers set about lifting the sections of her banner out of FREEDOM and laying them out in long strings with corridors between on the expanse of grass that is the Marina Green. When we ran out of bricks to keep the sections from flying away in the wind we headed for the beach and collected rocks that did the job just fine. By 1pm CORKY’S FREEDOM BANNER was in place, we were strolling along the aisles, finding new patches and sections that hadn’t been spotted before, the media had arrived, Thursday’s Child had sailed by, and Country Joe McDonald was ready to play.

Everything according to plan… except that the crowds we’d hoped for didn’t quite materialize. In the end we were about 50 strong, and despite the thinness of our numbers, having a very good time listening to Country Joe taking us on a journey into history with his repertoire of whale and Vietnam era protest songs and spicy commentary about the idiocy that surrounds us today. Fantastic to be there… thank you Joe! We also want to thank the people & groups who put this great day one for Corky together: IDA’s Suzanne Roy & Dr. Elliot Katz, Earth Island’s Mark Berman, ORCA’s Cathy O’Brien, Michael Reppy, and numerous others… thank you all!

This day was the first step of the journey Corky’s great banner is taking on the way back to Corky’s ancestral home in British Columbia.

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