Arcata – May 29th, 1999

Saturday May 29th was a great day for Corky in Arcata! This northern California university town has a traditional Kinetic Sculpture Race on Memorial Day weekend that just about the whole community comes out for. So,having done an event for Corky in San Francisco the weekend before, it was logical for us to think of linking CORKY’S FREEDOM TRAIN to it. We were fortunate in having an Arcatan friend of Corky’s, Clare DuPont, on the spot to organise things. In just a few days it all came together. FREEDOM needed a windshield (smashed by a flying rock on the I5 freeway) replaced first, but the glass was found & the job done in time.

The day began with CORKY’S FREEDOM BANNER being set up, starting around 8am and finishing by 11am. It was windy, and keeping the banner up was difficult, but Clare’s helpers managed. The Kinetic Sculpture Race started at noon sharp. An enthusiastic crowd of 10,000 people watched it, and incidentally saw Corky’s banner as well. People were asking questions from the time the banner started going up. “Who is Corky?” “Where is Corky?” “Who made the banner?” Many wanted to know how to contribute patches to help Corky’s banner grow. Yeah!

The event, and Corky’s story, got great coverage from the local media. Corky was on radio. David was interviewed by Channel 3, the local NBC tv station. The 11 O’clock news ran the interview with David, showed shots of Corky’s banner.

The organizers of Arcata’s Kinetic Sculpture Race were very appreciative of the issue and expressed a lot of interest in having CORKY’S FREEDOM BANNER return next year, so it looks like we already have plans for Memorial Day weekend 2000!

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