Help Corky

There are many ways you can help Corky come home! We can’t stress the urgency of Corky’s situation enough. She is literally living on borrowed time. Please do what you can, and whatever you do, please start right away!

  1. Talk to your friends about Corky, in person or via FaceBook or other social networking media. Ask them not to patronize Sea World parks!
  2. Write a thoughtful, polite letter to Stephen A Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO of the investment company Blackstone that now owns Sea World. Tell Mr. Schwarzman about your decision not to visit Sea World, and ask him to help Corky “retire” to a home in the ocean:                                                                                Stephen A Schwarzman, The Blackstone Group, 345 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10154 USA 
  3. Call the Shamu hot line at Sea World. The number is 1-800-23-SHAMU     (1-800-237-3157). It’s toll-free. Call as often as you like. Engage the operators in thoughtful, polite conversation. They don’t know Corky’s whole story, or even very much of it. Tell them the truth about Corky.
  4. Help us make CORKY’S FREEDOM BANNER even longer and more powerful. It isalready over 2km long. We need pieces of art painted or stitched on 50cm x 50cm patches of cloth. Send finished patches to the address below. Sections of the banner are 25m long and have 150 patches stitched together (3 rows of 50 patches). If you know of schools or teachers who would like to become involved, please contact us via the email address below.
  5. Send whatever money you can afford to help the Free Corky Campaign grow. Please make your check out to the Pacific Orca Society and send it to the address below.
  6. If you have other ideas that will help Corky, let us know! Thank you, so much, for caring about Corky… and for everything you can do to help her!!

The Free Corky Project

P.O. BOX 510,Alert Bay, B.C.Canada V0N 1A0


Send finished patches to:
PO Box 510, Alert Bay, B.C. Canada V0N 1A0

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