Springer is home again – July 18th 2002

Springer, A73, the orphan baby orca, finally made it back to her home waters last Saturday! The 350 mile journey from Seattle, inside a water filled box aboard a fast catamaran, took just 11 hours. Then, amidst a fleet of vessels that had gathered in Blackfish Sound to greet her, Springer was lifted high in […]

Springer is back in Canada – July 13th 2002

Just after 10am, this morning, A73 arrived back in Canada! She is expected to be back in Johnstone Strait around 6pm. Everyone in the area is eagerly anticipating her return… Her grandmother and great aunt are already in the Johnstone Strait area. A24 (Springer’s Grandmother) arrived yesterday!

Springer is coming home! – July 18th 2002

This coming Friday, July 12th, Springer (A73) will return to her ancestral home in the Johnstone Strait area of British Columbia! A site has been prepared in Dong Chong Bay at the eastern edge of Hanson Island, adjacent to Blackfish Sound. Two pens are ready – one for Springer and another for wild salmon that […]

Update on Springer – June 14th 2002

A First Step Towards Home After weeks of hesitation and considerable time spent planning, A73 (Springer) was finally captured yesterday afternoon, June 13th, and moved to a holding pen near Seattle. She will be examined and evaluated medically over the next days, and if all goes well she will soon be headed back north to […]