Corky’s saddest day number 48

Perhaps the strangest thing about the passage of time is that one becomes accustomed to it. Days months years roll by and we scarcely notice until ultimately we look in a mirror. Many of us have the feeling that time is accelerating, passing more quickly, that the years are flashing by now, almost as a […]

OrcaLab’s push to become oil free

For more years than I can remember, despite the great good fortune of being surrounded by the incredible beauty of British Columbia’s wilderness, we’ve been dependent on energy from oil to maintain our project and lifestyle. Over the years, we’ve gone through so many generators and burned so much fossil fuel to run them that […]

Corky’s saddest day number 47

December 11, 2016 Corky’s saddest day number 47 It’s hard to know what it actually means for her, but today, December 11th 2016 marks the 47th anniversary of Corky’s capture. Separated from her family, and surrounded by concrete walls that totally exclude the sounds of the ocean, for nearly 5 decades she has been deprived […]

IWC66 postscript

  Postscript Beating the drum Sidney Holt’s book Save the Whale! Memoirs of a whale hugger may not yet be a best seller (it will be) but it encourages me to believe that we (the whales) will win. Win what? The privilege of spending the next generation, hundreds, thousands of years swimming around in a […]

IWC 66 Day Five

IWC 66 Day Five The sands of time Day Five of this meeting was devoted to Finance and Administration, a normally pedestrian subject, but one that produced unexpected drama. The resolution on providing assistance to countries with limited means came back to the floor in a form that didn’t please a large number of delegations, […]

IWC 66 Day Four

IWC 66 Day Four Back down the rabbit hole This all very familiar, and so so strange. The last time the International Whaling Commission met, the plenary proceedings took 4 days. Afterwards, the Secretariat sent around a survey asking for suggestions about how to make things better. A common response was to add a day, […]

IWC 66 Day Three

IWC 66 Day Three Going going The morning of this day was all about numbers. Some sounded pretty good, like the recovery of southern hemisphere humpback whales to 70% of their “carrying capacity”. I’m not sure whether “carrying capacity” refers to the original population size before the wanton slaughter began, or to the ability of […]

IWC 66 Day Two

A blast from the past And a rude awakening Sidney Holt has saved more whales than anyone. It’s a bland but totally true statement. Were it not for Sidney, the blue whale would probably be gone from the face of the Earth. Extinct. Fin and humpback whales would not be far behind. Hundreds of thousands […]

IWC 66 Day One

IWC 66 Day One Once more Ever since the International Whaling Commission moved to biennial meetings, the drama that was played out every year for decades has diminished in intensity, but it is still there. This year’s meeting is in Portoroz, Slovenia, the same venue as last time. Everyone liked it so much they decided […]

OrcaLab assistants 2016 – Shari

I really don’t know where to start – I think that anyone who reads this, who hasn’t themselves been to the Johnstone Strait it will all sound too far fetched, too romanticised and exaggerated, and, those that have witnessed the unrelenting majesty that this region exudes will know that there are no adjectives that could […]