Ally’s blog

  Our species is in a large part defined by our amazing capacity for complex language. Some will argue that it is this capacity that sets us apart from other species. Anyone who has spent any time listening to the communicative sounds of orcas knows this to be false; that in orcas we find a […]

Kate’s blog

I still remember January 23, 2013 clearly; I was spending the night with my best friend celebrating her birthday when I got the email that changed my life forever.  I was accepted to come to Orcalab; a lifelong dream came true! The next month I was asked to come as early as I possibly could […]

Megan’s Blog

This time two years ago the Pacific Northwest was a very distant dream of mine that had been manifesting since i was 11 when I asked for a copy of ‘Orca: A whale called killer’ for my birthday.  Growing up in England reading books about the history of Orca and the pioneering work that was […]