Kate’s blog

I still remember January 23, 2013 clearly; I was spending the night with my best friend celebrating her birthday when I got the email that changed my life forever.  I was accepted to come to Orcalab; a lifelong dream came true! The next month I was asked to come as early as I possibly could […]

Empty the tanks worldwide

Empty the Tanks Worldwide ‘Empty the Tanks Worldwide’ is a global anti captivity protest taking place tomorrow, July 27th 2013, at 28 different locations. The protest is to help raise anti captivity awareness across the world, and to make a unified stance against the industry of captive cetaceans. It’s perfect timing as it correlates with […]

Megan’s Blog

This time two years ago the Pacific Northwest was a very distant dream of mine that had been manifesting since i was 11 when I asked for a copy of ‘Orca: A whale called killer’ for my birthday.  Growing up in England reading books about the history of Orca and the pioneering work that was […]

Sorrow and joy: summer 2013 begins

We waited, and waited, then finally on July 6th the orcas came.  It was a little later than we had hoped but earlier than last year when they arrived on July 10th.  As is so often the case, one of the A1 groups entered first, this time the A30s, with Pointer (A39) leading the way […]