Hummy rescue

This morning brought another drama to Hanson Island, fortunately not at all like yesterday’s terrible news.  Quite the opposite.   I was opening up the netting fences that protect our garden from deer, out by the bathtub talking to Helena on the phone, when I noticed a tiny female Rufus humming bird clinging to the […]

OrcaLab’s fabulous solar upgrade

Thanks to fantastic donations of solar panels and hardware from Canadian Solar Industries (CSI); a new 48V inverter and control electronics donated by Paul McKay of TrueGridPower Inc.; meticulous design, planning and project implementation by Steve Lapp of St. Lawrence College’s Energy Systems Engineering programme; and the tireless efforts of Steve and Paul along with […]

OrcaLab’s new web site

As some of you have noticed, OrcaLab’s web site has undergone a makeover, thanks to our daughter Anna, who has given it a new look, and made access to current and past stories, campaigns and information easier. Anna came to Hanson Island when she was 5 days old, and spent most of the first 17 […]