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  1. Amanda says:


    I’m currently reading David Kirby’s book “Death at Sea World”. For this reason, I’ve been very much in Johnstone Strait lately – in spirit at least! So far so good: I know nearly 95% of what D. K. uncovers in his book, which reassures me regarding my VERY BASIC knowledge about these animals (I dedicate my spare time to educate myself about them!). Let me tell you that I’m amazed by your work and I am grateful for having people like you who have studied orcas for decades. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a researcher (yet), I’m not an expert. I’m just a loyal and committed orca defender whose only weapon is my will and determination to not buy a zoo or marine mammal park ticket…

    I wish I could study them in the wild like you to better advocate and prevent captures and public display in captivity. I would love to have the opportunity to come and visit the Orcalab one day. Keep up the good work until then!!!

    Though it ain’t enough for everything you do, the least I can say it THANK YOU to you and all the people studying both wild and captive population so that we can raise awareness as much as possible about the condition and evolution of orca populations.


    NB: Your views precisely meet mine regarding the concept of “observing orcas from a distance without interfering with them in their habitat”: a respectful, open-minded, non ethnocentric and technically inventive approach!

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