Maintenance and Generosity

    So far this winter the storms have been relentless. The SE winds have blown up everything from strong wind to gale warnings including storm and hurricane force warnings. On average it seems that these systems will move in for 5-7 days with less than 24 hours of reprieve in between. On top of […]

Hudson Bay orcas – no action needed for the moment

We woke up this morning to the great news that the Hudson bay orcas we wrote about just a few hours earlier are gone from the hole in the ice they were trapped in. There is no sign of them this morning. Apparently, winds blew overnight and shifted the ice, enabling the orcas to move. […]

Urgent Action Needed to Rescue Orcas Trapped in Ice

Many of you will have heard about the desperate situation faced by a group of orcas trapped in ice in Hudson Bay, Canada. They are in a tiny hole in ice about 35km from the small community of Inukjuak. The community has mobilised to help the orcas, but urgently need major outside help in the […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! from OrcaLab

Hello everyone, Here’s hoping you’re enjoying the beginning of a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping too, that 2013 will be a much better year for our precious world. Please take good care of yourselves, and each other… Our love and every good wish to you all, Paul & Helena & Leah